Thursday, November 20, 2008

Halloween is for always, not just October

Answered a call out on We Make Zines to contribute to a Halloween zine a while ago, so today I got a copy of this in the mail today, complete with a black and white version of my "Psycho" mixed media thingy from "Book Art".
Great little zine, has lots of spooky stories and some pretty cool illustrations. Nice way to enter into the world of collaboration.
Sewing like crazy today. Have the markets on Sunday and a whole lot of orders to fill. Yesterday was our group Mentoring session for NEIS. Seems hard to believe but my first year of being a sole proprietor of Emerald Arts is just a month away! Michelle, my mentor, asked if I had any of my creatures stocked in shops yet, then when I said that I had (had) them in a couple of places but felt wierd about approaching shops... she told me to get out there and give it a go, so I took myself up to Darby Street with a little bag full of Emerald Arts stuff and pimped my wares.
One shop in particular has ordered a whole stack of things, including 15 of my Crittermass tree creatures, so yes... sewing... must stop procrastinating on the interwebs :P


Renee said...

woot woot. awesome news. and may i add, good pimpin.


Renee said...

good morning chick. check out my blog as you have been awarded an award. xoxoxo