Saturday, November 1, 2008

Portfolio done

I have a lot of submissions to do this week (seems to be that time of year) including the very exciting Renew Newcastle initiative, so I've made myself a portfolio in zine format, so I can send it with proposals (easier than linking to websites).
If anyone wants to put their hand up to read it and tell me what they think, please comment here or send me an email and I would be forever in your debt.


Renee said...

Em, I would love to read it and I was trying to by pushing all those links. Am I doing something wrong?

Love Renee

Emerald Arts said...

Hehe no you're not doing anything wrong, that's just the cover page, have to find somewhere online that will host documents. Trying to figure out how to transform it into a PDF but failing, will have to wait till the boy gets home from work :P

Luv Em

Renee said...

Sounds good. By the way I think the cover looks great.


Emerald Arts said...

Aww *blushes* thankyou very much :)

Definitely going to need your advice on the layout at all, I'm starting to hate the font that I used, feels like school project type now... I get so persnickety :P