Monday, November 24, 2008

Zine Review: Story To blog

So, I sent the first issue of my zine "Book Art" down to the Story To... zine reviewer and today I open the RSS feed to find that the review has (already omg) been posted and it's absolutely lovely. I'm cutting and pasting it here because it's my first proper review and I'm bloody proud of it, thanks Estelle :)

There’s something about the unsullied propriety of a book that makes me feel both at ease and on edge. Clearly, effort and care go into the creation of a book in truckloads. But the more difficult or deified the contents, the more I wonder what it would be like to tear it up and shake it around. Emma Stronach’s Book Art zine is a gorgeous reminder of this feeling.

Emma has taken the pages of her old music textbook and ripped them up, creating sixteen pages of collage and catastrophe that are sometimes delicate and sometimes irreverent. In this way, a book that used to convey information in one way has been transformed with browns, blues, greens, shellac, pen and glue into something totally different and delightful.

Book Art comes in two sizes – A6 ($5) and A5 ($10). I have the little version, but the larger version is printed on cardstock and can be taken apart as individual artworks. Book Art is available

Wicked eh?


p.s. Renee, I heart my award so much, Marie A. rocks, I'm going to stop procrastinating and go do some painting, then I'll come back to blogger and figure out who to give them on to... going to be tough, so many amazing bloggers out there.


Renee said...

I knew you could do it. That is one wicked review of your zine.

You can't imagine how happy I was to read it.

Your welcome about the award.


Emerald Arts said...

I know, so totally cool! Let's hope they're all that good hehe

Marie Antionette is HAWT!

(I'm pretty that is not the right spelling)



flossy-p said...

WHAHHHH! That's fantastic!!! Congratulations. :D

Emerald Arts said...

hehe Fang you very much ;)


You going to make a zine of your stuff? Come on... you know you want to haha