Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zine Swap- Danceswithcolours

Every artist approaches their work differently. As with many other professions, there are a million ways to go about being an artist, but this is mine.

I pick a page in a book then draw/paint my version of what I see there. In other words, I try to reproduce exactly what I see on that page, through my filter of preferences and perceptions. Most of the time, it doesn't turn out anything like what I was working from, but it's good for hand eye co-ordination and memory and stuff ;)

About a month ago I came across this fuzzy little zine on Etsy and wanted to buy it, but unfortunately the item was only listed for shipping to the US, so I convo'd Danceswithcolours and asked if she would consider trading with me for my "Book Art". Lucky for me she said yes, and this is what I got... along with three square envelopes stamped with THE COOLEST STAMPS EVAR and filled with so much awesome papery stuff.

So yes, I have a MASSIF amount of "inspiration stuff" now, thanks to Karen and her Bower Bird like paper obsession. You is a rockstar yo! Just the cover of "The Monsters in My Head" was enough to hook me, but then on the inside there's pinup girls and pretty boys, paper dolls and Shakespeare, Reflexology, and a brain on a wire.

Therefore, if you create art in the same manner that I do, run along to her store and for the ridiculously cheap price of two whole dollars you can have a zine with a furry monster on the cover too ;)

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