Sunday, November 9, 2008

Zac Efron is hot

It's funny, the first time I watched the Tim Minchen show I didn't really like it. Then I put it on to watch while I ate last night's market producey beef stroganoff for my lunch... liked it for a bit, then didn't like it again.

The markets yesterday were wierd. I'll write a bit more about it later, but yeah... wierd. My display looked awesome, I sold a painting and a toy kit and that was it. Everyone kept saying "Will you be here next time?"

I felt like saying "here every second week for the past year, so yes, probably" but it would have seemed rude. I really need to get a bigger space there so I can display things properly, because I was jammed in yesterday (by a lovely face painting fairy though, so it was a cool experience) and I think it impedes my sales. My boyfriends parents dropped by, announced that we were having lunch, then stood behind my table blocking all the paintings for ages. With a person, or two people, that's ok, but with my friend Kim and boyfriend and me and them, too many. I was trying not to be annoyed about it, told them I was tired and wouldn't be joining them (I hate being put on the spot too). So they went shopping while Ten and I packed up my stall, then he went to lunch with them.

I came home, had a dance to loosen up, had a big glass of milk and went to bed. I'd been asleep half an hour, when I heard her voice. I thought "Surely she wouldn't come back here when I had said that I would be sleeping". But I was wrong, they'd parked the car outside my bedroom window. Talked for ages. I could hear my boy trying to quietly end the conversation a couple of times, but it took a year. I don't want to bother him, it's not his fault his mum is annoying. So I emailed her and said that I have been sick, working hard, and that I don't appreciate being woken up. Now, some might argue that maybe it was too harsh of me or all a bit silly of her, but I don't think that's the case. I think that they decided they wanted to have lunch, so decided that it would be done without considering how the two of us felt about it. I think that's rude. Add to that parking directly outside my bedroom window, which is streets away from where they were having lunch, then talking outside it for EVER while I was trying to sleep... I think that's passive agressive and it really pisses me off.

Back to the markets...Don't know what it is, global financial crisis might have something to do with it. So frustrated. I've been working so hard, but if business doesn't pick up I'm going to have to give up on the painting for a while and work a normal 9-5 job until finances improve. But I can't do that, too sulky, too defeatist.

I think I will have the afternoon off (been working weeks straight) then Portfolio spam as many galleries/shops/agents as I can... stay the path. Believe in myself. Do what I love and it will all work out.

Edit: photos from yesterday's stall and the tree are on my facebook group "Emerald Arts"


Renee said...

Emma: Stay the course, you are talented and you are going to make it. You said it yourself, believe in yourself.

I do believe the economy totally could have something to do with it. Even for myself, when I have to pay in American dollars it hurts because right now the Canadian dollar is just over 75 cents.

Keep doing it, but make sure your space isn't to crowded with people because then it can be intimidating for people to go to it.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Emerald Arts said...

Your dollar is pretty strong then, that's quite cool. Does that come up often? That you have to use American dollars? I know Etsy is US, which annoys me when I'm buying stuff but is awesome for selling.

I just need to learn to speak up for myself I think. I've been brought up to not make a fuss, keep a stiff upper lip, defer to my elders; so I'm really going against the grain by telling them that I was unhappy.

Never been in this situation before, with (sort of) inlaws. But I still think that it was pretty inconsiderate. Made me feel sooo much better to email her though :P

Renee said...

Yeah, it sucks for me because everything I buy in in American.

To me stiff upper lip should have ended with the second world war, as in be brave because there is no butter in the store.

I think that it is important to speak your mind, but I also think it is very important to remember who you are talking too. As in you are all adults but you respectively speak to his parents by still saying what you have to say but in a respectful tone because it is your partners parents.

To me it sounds like you did just that.

I believe that it is important to keep things real.


Emerald Arts said...

Of course, very respectful. Or as much as I could be. We've been dating three years and living together for about half that, and it's my first serious long term relationship. Most of the time I quite like his parents, but his mum can be a bit pushy and that grates. Guess I'm just trying to lay down what I can and cannot do.

Or will or will not do. I dunno, just don't want to be a doormat :P

Renee said...

Emma you are absolutely right.

I always want people to tell me what is true, I can't read their minds.

So by you telling her that I think it can open the door to keeping things real.

You certainly do not seem like a doormat to me and I like that very much that you aren't.

Be brave just like your little creatures.


Emerald Arts said...

Haha no I'm not really a doormat, but I do have the bad habit of letting things go for the sake of social niceties. All this stuff with my mum has made me think that I need to be more proactive though, no one is going to know how I feel about stuff if I don't tell them. Mind-reading only exists on tv :P