Monday, November 10, 2008

Going to have a big Etsy day tomorrow (and longer probably), post everything I have made so far up there and see how I go. Was taking photos today of all the creatures in my courtyard. This is Steeeve, on the "buddy" sign next to our front door.

Christmas tree widgets, very small, just bigger than a postage stamp.

The photos that I took of the creatures on black microfibre worked really well. This is a velveteen Widget the Brave. I've been saving the buttons that I used for his eyes for years, because they are very sparkly.

Close up with the devil. I'm developing a bit of a process with painting. Just when I think I am finished, I take a few pictures to post on my blog, then realise that it's still not finished :P

Like here for example. I printed out the devil then went over the linework, outlined it once it was on the canvas, but there's still white showing around the side. Need a very fine pen to fix it, prob .2 which I don't have.... helloooo officeworks.'

You can check out the rest of my creatures on my facebook page:

Right then, off to prepare for my first podcast interview thing. Talking about the This is Not Art zine fair for Zinecore Radio.


Renee said...

Good luck with your interview and have fun. Everything looks awesome.

Emerald Arts said...

Thanks :)

I love making christmas stuff, so awesome.