Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I'll let you in on a secret...

I have an obsession with a website called Majaba. They have this thing called a Heart-O-Tron which lets you see who has hearted your items on Etsy and how many times things have been looked at. It's quite addictive. Anyway, because I was raised by the world's most "proper" woman, I'm very big on please and thankyou, especially when it comes to my art. It's so lovely to know that something I make appeals to someone out there in the ether.

One day, a shop called 3moonbabies hearted my Voodoo Susan paper doll (Voodoo Susan is a Mermaid). So I went to the shop to say thankyou and found that they sold the most incredibly detailed little fimo beads (they being the talented Marjorie). Hoping that it wasn't too out of line, I asked if she would consider trading one of her beads for the paper doll, and she did want to for her daughter. The best part was when I asked if she made mermaids, she made me this ravishing creature in the same colours as Voodoo Susan's tail and shell bra.

It's so small. So very small. I have no idea how Marjorie made it without going cross-eyed. I took it out of the envelope and just stared at it for about half an hour, marvelling really. I haven't been able to put it down since. Made it into a necklace with blue cactus silk, but then I couldn't look at it, so I took it off again. Thinking I should make her into a brooch, then I can glance down at it as much as I want (possibly leading people to think that I am checking out my own cleavage, but who cares about that :p).

So besotted. Thankyou so much Marjorie *big hugs* I hope your daughter loves the paper doll as much as I love my mermaid. Sorry Mum :P

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