Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Shop Update: Things to make things with

This educational craft kit contains all you need to make your very own Voodoo Susan. Sewing improves hand eye coordination and is very relaxing. Not only that, when you're done making Susan you will have your very own little friend to hang out with.

The Whispering Ghost Gums are from my book art project entitled "The Sic Idea". You can also find it the "Book Art" zine, available in this shop. This card is handmade, printed on quality ivory coloured card stock and signed by me, Emmeline.

This little Monkey has everything you need to get you started folding origami stars and cranes. The paper is pearlised, a beautiful finish. Technically, it's not handmade or an Emerald Arts product, but I sell them at my stall and I'm trying to make my online shop as much like that as possible, so here you are.

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